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Cooktown Real Estate formerly known as Rainforest Real Estate has been selling property in Cooktown nearly 25 years and the staff are all locals who have lived here for equally as long if not longer. We do have a monopoly in the town and due to the extent of our listings of properties we may well just have the property for you.

Check them out: Use our unique search results to filter by location, property type, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, min or max price. You can also choose your preferred display amount, or sort the results by location, price or recently updated.

Want to buy a Property – Here is what you will need for those who are serious about purchasing a property here in Cooktown and regions.

  • The full name/s of the Buyer/s, and their address
  • The name of Solicitor who will be doing the conveyancing for you
  • The amount of deposit – between 5% and 10% of the purchase price is recommended (deposit can be paid by electronic transfer)
  • The amount of the offer
  • Finance Approval from your Bank within 14 to 21days of the Contract date
  • Building and Pest Inspection by licensed inspectors within 14 days
  • Any other special conditions?
  • Settlement Date (the date you take over ownership,and pay the rest of the purchase price) (total of 30 to 45days from date of contract).

Legal Costs and what you will need!

You will need a Solicitor, Lawyer and or Conveyancer to attend to the searchs and paperwork for the purchase or sale of a property. You can look to them for guidance and advise at every step of the way. Ensure you get your monies worth. When dealing with a Lawyer/Solicitor/Conveyancer, if you feel you are not being heard, make sure you say so! If after that you are still experience misunderstandings or lack of guidance. Then change your Lawyer. They are not the one for you. A Conveyancer may be the most cost effective. Don’t always look for the cheapest/less expensive seek those who will do the work for you and guide you every step of the way. When you intend to by in Queensland you must have a Queensland lawyer.

REIQ Membership

As a member of the REIQ, we offer all clients a superior level of consumer protection! Buyers and Sellers who deal with agents who are not members may not have as high a level of consumer protection. Here’s why. Our requirements are:

  • We have appropriate Professional Indemnity insurance.
  • We abide by the REIQ Code of Ethics.
  • We must keep up-to-date with legislative and other changes through compulsory annual training.

Not all agents are members of the REIQ. To learn more about why you should choose an REIQ Member Agent to sell your property. Contact them directly on 1300 MYREIQ.


So, you have found the property that has taken your fancy. Here is what you will do next!.

To put an offer in on the property you have found, best practice is to make an offer via the ‘Contract’. Once you sign a Contract, to purchase a property it is considered a “verbal offer”. There may be several “counter-offers”, and or changes in the process as you go along, do not be discouraged, when the price and/or terms are changed, because once everything is agreed upon, the Contract is then drafted and signed by the buyer ‘YOU’, and seller, the then documents are considered a “fully executed Contract”. The Agent ‘US’ will write in the Contract Date and the Contracts will be emailed to yours & the sellers solicitors for processing. Once again do not be discouraged in terms of the time it may take. Buying a property can be one of the biggest decisions you make in life. Let ‘US’ and your solicitor do the work for you. You (the buyer) will be given a photocopy for your records. If you have questions do not stop asking, there are many facets and procedures and people involved when buying property. It is not always that straight forward, choose to understand the process instead of worrying about the process. It takes time.

The REIQ and the Office of Fair Trading both provide comprehensive information for Buyers, and there is more information on purchasing a property on their websites. All we can add is that once you are confident that the property that you have chosen meets your criteria in terms of its attributes, location and price range ………………Go and buy it!

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