25 Ann Street, COOKTOWN QLD 4895


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Cooktown is steeped with history, and this block is no different, in fact it probably holds just a little more than the average vacant block. What was once said to have the track for the old coaches that went up Grassy Hill and frequented the the ‘Radio Transmitter Station on the right hand side of Grassy Hill. Imagine horse and cart trying to get up that hill. You have to feel for the horses.

This block boasts stunning views out across the Endeavour River and inlet. Take a minute to consider what it would be like to look out your window and be mesmerised by the views, rain hail or shine, it will be spectacular. This property is ready to build on and awaits its new owners. Be king of your castle on top of this slight peak. For further details and the opportunity to take a walk over it. Contact Jamie Sail on 0459925387 or email sales@cooktownrealestate.com


25 Ann Street, COOKTOWN QLD 4895

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